PUBLIC HEALTH ENGLAND has released new guidance on funerals. As a result some advice (which was taken from the original PHE guidance) is no longer valid. Essex County Council has adjusted their web pages to reflect the new guidance and this can be found at the original link:  

The updated version of the leaflet can be found attached below. Unfortunately, needing to make these changes means that there will be a further delay in being able to provide translated versions, but these will be sent as soon as possible.”

Also attached is some information about help that has been in place to support vulnerable residents. Community Shield is an operation to get food, medicine and essential supplies to Essex’s most vulnerable residents during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. It is run by the new Essex Welfare Service (EWS) to help those who are vulnerable and don’t have access to support from family, friends, neighbours’, local services or community groups.

Coronavirus and Faith

Shielding the Vulnerable