These will take place in the Hall on Wednesday 05 December and 12 and 19 December. Lunches will consist of homemade soup, a roll and a cup of tea or coffee. They will be served from 12.30-13.30 and all are welcome. A donation towards the cost would be welcome. 


Advent is a season of        Advent wreath                           
1) Hopeful longing
2) Joyful expectation
3) Prayerful penance
4) Spiritual preparation

Advent is a beautiful liturgical season and it's there for a reason. It is a built in time of spiritual preparation for Christmas.
The season of Advent is our opportunity to "let every heart prepare Him room".

How can we prepare for Christmas?

  1. Celebrate the Sacrament of penance. Confession is a good way of preparing room in our hearts for Christ.

  2. Go to Mass every Holy Day of Obligation.                                                                                                                       

  3. Anticipate with an Advent calendar.                                                                                                            

  4. Make time to pray. The rosary is a ready made way to ponder the events of the life of Our Lord.
      You could also pray the Divine Mercy rosary and read the diary of St Faustina.

  5. Listen to Advent music. Why not 'Google' and check out Advent playlists.             

  6. Read the lives of the saints we celebrate in Advent - St Nicholas, St Lucy etc.

  7. Create a manger in your home for the Christ Child by adding a piece of straw for every good deed.

  8. Adopt a new tradition to add to your family celebrations.

  9. Clear the clutter and donate to charity.

10. Put at least one religious decoration on the Christmas tree before you bless it.

Wishing you an Advent Season filled with joy.